Friday, 15 July 2011

fIrSt tImE I wAs stArT mY cLaSs aT KUiS ! first,,i was start by english class,,there i meet one person who be my frend's here,,and she is verry kind with the english class,,,my lecture give to thier student some homework and  need a group discussion to solve this homework,,,and i get a gerat group....hehehe..with masthura,,,fatin and shiekh...they is my first person that i meet at kuis..:) and they give a good respon while we doing  that homework...i was verry happy....and so happy...heeeeee....then our homework is complete....yahooo...:)oke meet at next post ea ? bubby...ngee~

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

assalamulaikum everyone !

dunia ynk baru . alam ynk baru dan hidup ynk baru . sya ayu . ni lah cerita kehidupan kuh .